We specialize in sourcing quality products to suit your individual needs.

Dalden specialises in sourcing product for clients focusing on, but not limited to, buying and importing surgical and medical related products. Our experience includes over 5 years of successfully buying and importing stringently controlled and registered Pharmaceutical products where quality assurance and quality control are of paramount importance.

Dalden operates on a partnership basis with our clients applying innovative costing and billing models designed to suit the needs of each client and to provide a fair reward for services rendered on a totally transparent basis

Our approach is to identify alternative suppliers of product from around the world based on the technical and quality specifications of our clients. If and when required we arrange physical inspections of supplier premises and obtain quality assurance certification.

  • We obtain samples for clients’ pre-approval and ensure that orders comply with the samples.
  • We obtain SABS clearance certificates where required and assist in local registration of product for import purposes as required
  • We oversee and manage shipments; customs clearance; taxes and delivery from the factory gate and ensure clients receive the correct product ordered on a timeous basis.

Tell us what you need when - and we will do the rest.

Contact Details

Dale Goosen
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Denis Kennedy
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Mobile: +27 82 441 4560

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